Signage and Branding

In-house manufacture and printing of flex-face boards, 3-D Signs, light boxes etc.

Procurement of portable branding solutions: Feather, Flying Banners, Pull up Banners, Gazebo's, Banner Walls, Fabric Edge Banners, Flags & Cluster sets.

This division also allows us the opportunity to continually develop new and innovative ways of effectively achieving client objectives. In addition we have established relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of additional event based product, which provides cost effective and intuitive procurement process.

Strategic Assessment:

Signage Audit – Assessment: Existing Signage | Relevance to existing and future objectives | Adaptability | Needs Analysis.


Functionality in specific environment | Best product to achieve specific objectives | Maximise opportunities | Production Schedule.

Management – Sourcing | Production:

Production Management: CI | Quality control | Production Schedule | Intuitive procurement.

Installation | Distribution:

Delivery to Client, Event or Venue | Installation | Client Handover | In Conjunction with event or venue guidelines.

Monitoring | Evaluation:

Internal Process: Assess functionality | Quality | Research and Development.